Uplifting effect of murals on young people


It is my belief, based on working with my young clients and now, following up years later to relaunch my business in a new city, that my murals can help to define a childhood in the best possible way.  They provide an ideal SANCTUARY, a safe, happy, and peaceful place to retreat to as a child navigates the stressful twists and turns that characterize every adolescence.

The impact of murals is now widely appreciated and many cities devote a portion of their annual budget each year to public works of art because of its positive impact on citizen's lives.   A study focused on young people's response to public murals, done at Rutger's University, showed that public murals can have an uplifting effect on the quality of life of the young people who are exposed to them. If this is true for young people who have nothing to do with the creation of the murals, just imagine how impactful, and how GRATIFYING it can be for a young person who is involved in the artwork's creation.   

I was so touched to receive such POSITIVE FEEDBACK, many years later, from clients whose kids are now grown, or from the kids (now young adults) themselves, as to how much it meant to grow up in the room I painted for them.

Collecting those testimonials inspires me to share with all of you, my new community and my future clients, the message that art uplifts the spirit.  A custom-painted room can help to fosters a positive outlook, promote a deeper, more restful SLEEP and even support better FOCUS when working.

If you live in Washington DC or one of its surrounding suburbs, I would love to create a mural for your family.  Please contact me at magicwandmurals@gmail.com or call/text Nancy at 513-259-4842

Nancy Illman