How much does a magic Wand Mural cost? Can I afford it? 

Nancy's goal is to produce her "painted magic" within each client's budget, be it a flourish on part of a wall, or an immersive mural that transforms an entire room.

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how can I estimate the cost of a mural even before contacting Nancy?

Measure the length and height of the wall to be painted and multiply both numbers together. That will give you the square footage to be painted.  To get an estimate of the cost, multiply the square footage by the cost per square foot.  Prices range from $10-$40 per square foot, based on the complexity of the mural.


How much does it cost to meet Nancy?

The initial consulation fee is $150, and is fully applied to your Mural invoice.  So, if you are sure you want to hire Nancy, the meeting is essentially free.  References can be provided before the initial meeting.  Contact us to begin the process of deciding.


what must be done before Nancy begins her work on our mural?

Before the project begins, there must be a base coat of paint on the wall and cleared workspace. Please move as much furniture out of the room as possible.


Will Nancy sketch the mural before she paints it?

Possibly, if her process will be served by a sketch.  However, a full color rendering will cost an additional sum.  Nancy will take copious notes when she meets with you to ensure that your Mural meets or exceeds your expectations.  Final payment is never due until the job is completed to your satisfaction.


How quickly will the mural be completed?

As quickly as possible.  Once Nancy begins work, she will typically show up five days a week and work at least 5 hours a day.  Clients frequently express amazement by how quickly a Magic Wand Mural develops.


How do I get my child's Mural onto Nancy's calendar?

With a signed contract and payment of 1/3 the contract price.


When do I have to pay the rest?

The second 1/3 of the contract price is due on the day Nancy arrives to begin performing the work. The balance is due upon satisfactory completion of the project.


Will Nancy help me choose wall color or other decor to complement the mural? 

With pleasure.  Nancy can consult with you on paint color, fabric and carpet selection, and even where to get an upholstered headboard to complement a completed project.

Once your Mural is paid in full, Nancy can stay or return at a later date to help you with the rest of the room's design.  Her fee for these consultation services is $75 an hour.


Does a Magic Wand client need to provide any materials or equipment?

Only very occasionally.  For the most part, Nancy is fairly self sufficient.  On rare occasions, scaffolding will need to be rented.  Nancy will help coordinate its delivery, construction and removal.  Nancy supplies her own dropcloths, tape and work lights but generally relies on the client to have heat, electricity, running water and a sturdy step stool.  


will my child be able to sleep in the room on those nights while the mural is still in progress? 

In most cases, yes.  There are no toxic fumes.  Nancy uses an essential oil diffuser so the room will smell almost as good as it looks.  Sometimes, it's helpful to move the bed away from the wall for the duration of the project.  In other cases, the child may prefer to bunk elsewhere, such as a sibling's room or guest room, until the mural is completed.


Have other questions?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone (513-259-4842) or email.