Nancy transformed a small space in my home by creating a detailed scene that takes me back to a special place at a special moment in my life... the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy where my husband proposed. I smile every time I see it. Nancy’s paintbrush is truly a magic wand!
— Alison Weikel
Nancy created a mural of my sons favorite NYC things — Museum of Natural History, NYC cab rides, Triborough bridge et cetera. And the best was that the lights on the bridge and the stars all glow in the dark. This made our bedtime ritual so easy and magical. He looked forward to ‘lights out’ so he could see his magical window to NYC come to life.

And.... she created a rain forest masterpiece in our basement— every wall was transformed to look like a part of the forest w diff animals. My boys still miss it— we moved 11 years ago but the new owners enjoy it with their boys. What’s special about Nancy is that she uses her “magic” to feel out her customer to capture the true essence of what they are looking for. She listens to her clients and makes sure everyone is completely satisfied. She was a pleasure to deal with and highly recommend to anyone looking to make their space special and one of a kind.
— Belinda Caspi Wiseman
My children really love this. My son even got books for Nancy to read for inspiration. And Nancy has an eye for this. She gets a thought and, as soon as she conceptualizes something in her mind, the mural just comes out of her paintbrush. It is incredible. It just flows from there. And it looks so real.
— Dee Freiberg, of Boston, Massachusetts, after commissioning a rainforest mural for her son’s bedroom
I am absolutely tickled with her work. The murals are magical and very whimsical. Nancy catches the wonder of the magical world and presents it in a way that very small children – and adults – can understand. There is an emotional quality to her work, which is essential.
— John Bowditch, Hands-on Museum exhibits director, Ann Arbor Michigan, where Nancy painted two murals
Nancy Illman’s murals bring enormous value to our preschool. The children are completely delighted by the beautiful scenery in their classrooms. They are also inspired to create artwork themselves, I think because her art speaks to young children on their level, without either condescending or intimidating. We are so lucky to have Nancy as a member of our community.
— Mitchell Flatow, former Head of School, Yavneh Day School, Cincinnati, Ohio